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Providing excellent legal services

The Law Office of Blair Todd of Winamac, IN is committed to providing excellent personal and professional legal services to north-central Indiana.

The Law Office of Blair Todd acts honestly and ethically in all aspects of the practice of law. As a lawyer, Blair believes that attorneys should uphold the legal profession with honor as they deal with any participant in the legal system.


The Law Office of Blair Todd provides excellent professional legal services to its clients. We are committed to remaining up to date on the law and court rulings that affect your interests.  We also provide personalized legal service. At the Office of Blair Todd, we provide prompt and diligent care tailored to the individualized needs of your case.  

Professional and Personal

Over 23 years of legal experience!

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  • Evening and weekend appointment options

  • Dedicated representation

  • Reasonable rates


The Law Office of Blair Todd provides confidential and candid legal advice. Our advice contemplates a client’s legal rights, obligations, and the related practical implications. We comprehensively consider the law and other factors that may be relevant to the client's situation. After consultation with the client, the Law Office of Blair Todd is prepared to rigorously advocate for a client by passionately asserting their interests and position within the confines of the adversarial system.

Advisor and Advocate